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Lil Snoozy Owners Club

Photo Gallery

Camp Snoozy 2017 Camp Snoozy 2017 Wesco Jeremy from Wesco gave us a talk about the chassis 204616389 Polish Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish 204616390 Hitch Safety pin location for surge brake trailers 204616391 Grease Recommended by Wesco 204616392 Polish Note: mothers Mag and Aluminum polish works about as well and can be bought at auto parts stores. 204616393 Bearings for LS 204616394 Surge brake Fill surge brake 3/4 only with dot 3 brake fluid 204616395 Polish Andy gave us some tips on polishing diamond plate aluminum 204616479 204616480 Richard Richard Mickle, the owner of LIL Snoozy gave us info on repair of fiberglass 204616481 204616482 Alan Smoak The developer of LIL Snoozy camper 204616483 Alan Smoak 204616484 204616485 204616486 Happy Camper 204616487 204616488 204616489 Surge guard 204616490 204616491 204616492 204616518 204616519 204616567