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Lil Snoozy Owners Club

Photo Gallery

MODS MODS cabinet and shelf 184975112 Bama A little graphics work 163557786 cabinet at bed 184975113 pullouts under microwave 184975115 #147 Builders make it personal Thanks Guys and Gal we love our Snoozy TLG4FUN 170660462 view from bed 184975116 recent remodel shelf and LED lights over sofa 184975119 Lorens cabinet . I have my CPAP machine on the top of the cabinet behind the rail. I drill a hole through the cabinet to use the the receptacle that is also for the TV. It works for me. Thanks Loren 170802473 USB Outlet and Mood light Dimmer Had to make a box to fit the depth of the USB power outlet (2.5"D) Moved the original duplex power outlet on back side of bulk head and have it switched with a dimmer for mood lights as shown in #20. tlg4fun 171389622 new wooden floor 184975123 Cabin Mood Lights Added mood lights, plugged into outlet on back side of bulkhead controlled by switch/dimmer as described in #19. tlg4fun 171389623 Mud Flaps (Fun & Function) Added mud flaps to help keep the sides of the Snoozy clean. Of course they had to match the ones on my TUG. They really helped when we did hit rain, as did the ones on the TUG in keeping the front of the Snoozy clean. 171389718 receiver for new table support 184975125 Wine Glass Rack 1 Easy Saturday morning project. 172311692 new table support I designed to get rid of floor mount 184975126 Wine Glass Rack 2 Anything to free up cabinet space. 172311693 Generator Cover open Hide the Gen set and storage for hoses and adapters. Course girlfriend thinks another color better. ;-) 173379166 mounted spare outside of storage 185083243 Generator Cover closed Glad I have a friend who is a sail and canvas maker. Track is same as on awning, heat and formed to front curve. 173379167 table support being built 184975128 CONVERTER TAKE OUT CHARGER ADD CONVERTER 175203377 another view of spare tire relocate 185083244 CONVERTER TAKE OUT CHARGER ADD CONVERTER 175203378 Limited Edition Every Snoozy is a Limited Edition 178028347 Eagle right side 178028348 Eagle left side 178028349 Toothbrush Holder This can be found at Walmart for $3+, but we found it at Dollar General for fifty cents. I used 3M double sided tape to apply it to the bathroom wall. 179139518 Toilet Paper Holder I copy catted this from another Snoozy owner. (Gleam B) Except I put mine to the inside wall. I was too big to put it by the door. I kept knocking it loose, so moved mine to the corner. Got it at Walmart also. I cut the bend off with a hack saw, ground the shape I wanted, and drilled for a 1/2" screw. 179139519 Perspective View Here you can see just where the toothbrush holder and TP holder is. 179139520 Dave & Paula's Lil Snoozy #120 home mods. Two burner flush mount cook top 193302398 Silverware Holder Picked this up at Bed, Bath & Beyond. About seven dollars. I bought it for another use but it would not work for what I had intended. But it fits perfectly in this corner. I removed the little brass bends to hang over a bamboo dish strainer and used 3M double sided tape to attach to wall. 179139521 Coat/Hat Rack Had a couple of those plastic stick-on hooks. Found this at a Walmart and it will work better for us. May look for a mirror to go underneath it. 179139522 Under the sink drawer unit. Found this at Bed, Bath & Beyond. There's a smaller unit that stacks on top of it. I didn't pick it up until I could find out how this would fit. The small one will also fit so will pick it up next time I'm near a BB&B. At first the drawer wouldn't open, but when I raised it up and attached it to the 1 X 2 it tilted it enough to slide open and also the tilt will keep the drawer closed in travel. 179139523 Bathroom Platform from PVC Lumber This raises the floor just enough to keep your feet from dangling or standing on your tippy toes. 179168720 Dave & Paula's home mods Original microwave space will have a door added soon. 193302399 Paper Towel Holder Brushed metal paper towel holder from Walmart. About seven dollars. 179168721 PVC Lumber Picked up a couple pieces of PVC Lumber from Lowes to build a platform for the bathroom. 179168722 Bathroom Platform Frame Frame is 17" X 17 " made of PVC Lumber from Lowes. Drilled for 1 1/4" wood screws. The wider lumber for the floor was cut to 18" X 18" and applied with 3M double sided tape. 179168723 A/C; TV; etc. remote holder Rubbermaid product from Walmart on Living Room side. 179173020 Dave & Paula's home mods. Spray head kitchen faucet. 193302400 Gun Holder Rubbermaid product from Walmart on Bedroom side. Holds my Bond Snake Slayer .410/.45LC Derringer quite well. Also seems to be enough room to also hold my Keltec 9mm as well. 179173021 Kitchen Faucet Solution I've looked for a spout that would work better. Seems like it should reach another four inches to be over the drain. Guess there is no such animal. Picked up a swivel faucet aerator at Walmart and it seems to be a economical solution to getting water all over the counter. 181784348 Rebecca's Snooz Carolina Girl Through and Through 182638876 Back Door Steps Hubby made these steps for me out of deck lumber. Nice and stable. They slide in the back door when traveling. 182638796 Personal Touches Removed the privacy curtains and added personal touches and my favorite star. 182638818 My Favorite Motto Relax - Enjoy - Unwind. (stick on decals from Ebay) 182639141 Dave & Paula's home mods. Lid opened to access the stove. 193302401 TT Holder Found this holder at Wal-mart. Manufactured by "Command" stick on products. 182639097 Toothbrush Holder Again, a stick on product found at Wal-Mart. Mounted this on inside cabinet door. 182639159 Dave & Paula's factory mods. Maxx-Air exhaust fan 193302402 Insulating under couch Here I laid reflectix from Lowe's on the storage area floor. 183400814 Insulating under couch I installed some foam flooring from Sam's Club over reflectix on the floor. Then I installed reflectix on wall behind water tank. I used 3M doubled sided tape and used my office stapler to anchor it. 183400815 Dave & Paula's factory mods. 12 volt only Truck Fridge 193302403 Insulating under couch I covered the reflectix on the wall with foam flooring from Sam's. I used 3M doubled sided tape to attach the foam to the wall. 183400816 Insulating Upper Cabinets There is a wide enough gap between the dividing/brace board to slip Reflectix from the center cabinet to the right cabinet. I cut the Reflectix 10". The roll I'm using is 2 feet wide. 183569772 Dave & Paula's home mods. Spare tire carrier welded to the frame, custom made out of 1.5" .120 wall DOM, hugs the body nicely. 193302404 Insulating Upper Cabinets Picture showing how the Reflectix will slide from center cabinet to right cabinet. 183569773 Dave & Paula's home mods. 193302405 Insulating Upper Cabinets Right and Left upper cabinets insulated. 183569775 Dave & Paula's home mods. Spare tire mounted, and is aligned perfect with the tire on the ground. 193302406 twin bed Twin unmade beds 188412854 Insulating Upper Cabinets I cut a piece of Reflectix 8" W and 10" L and then used Reflectix tape to seal the edges. 183569776 toilet toilet extra's 188412855 Marine Rope Cleat I installed this (rope cleat) on the shower door. Bought it for wife to hang her purse on but think it will make a good place to hang a robe (if I had one). 183579963 Dave & Paula's home mods. 12"X12" X 36" overhead cabinets & microwave relocated above the cook top. Notice the jalousey windows by HEHR. 193302408 small couch This is the 54in couch with twin bed model . This does not convert to bed like LS3 model 188412857 Dave & Paula's home mods. Another view of the relocated microwave & larger cabinets made possible by the windows being 6" shorter and air conditioner mounted 6" lower. 193302409 mag wheels mag wheels and no Lil Snoozy written on camper ? 188412858 Dave & Paula's home mods. It's a HOT TIME of year in Arizona. 193302410 Dave & Paula's home mods. Over couch cabinet (same as the others) with shelves on each side. 193302411 Dave & Paula's home mods. New location for the microwave oven. 193302412 Dave & Paula's home mods. Originally an over the door towel rack, is now modified and held in place on the shower wall by 3M VHB tape, hold micro fiber towels & wash cloths. 193302413 Insulating Vertical Cabinets I cut some Reflectix 15 1/2" X 13" and used 3M doubled sided tape on the top corners of each. The Reflectix seemed to have a tight enough fit, but I used the tape for assurance going down the road. 183579965 Dave & Paula's home mods. Solar powered motion sensor LED light (solar on top and light underneath) lights the entrance. 193302414 Curtain rod over couch If you don't want to chance the shell you can drill two holes in the ends of this type rod and screw one end to the shower/bathroom wall. 183970297 Curtain rod over couch You can drill into the factory attached rod holder and attach the curtain rod to it. Just another option to hang curtains. 183970298 New Curtains over couch. Wife didn't like my curtains so she picked these out. 183970513 twin bed model small shoe cabinet between beds 196862199 Bike rack & Spare tire How I added a bike rack & spare tire rack. Would not recommend pulling a second trailer with the rear receiver. Sorry not more detailed pics, if some one is interested will post more. 184675221 twin bed model 54 in couch 196862200 Beer to Wine Easy mod "beer can holder in frig. to wine dispenser". Have one glass before attempting to install the bag, it'll will slide in easier with a little less wine. 185335993 twin bed model two 30 in width beds 196862201 Shower/Bath storage rack This is a wire rack I had left over from a set I bought some time ago. I just could not figure out what to do with it as everyplace I tried just did not work. Then Denny came up with his own solution for a storage problem. So, I borrowed his idea and this rack fit just right here for me. 185813580 Dave & Paula's home mods. Wire shelf added to the nose area under the bed, as well as hinged bed platform supported by gas lifting struts. 195566506 twin bed model small cabinet a space we never used now it holds shoes or whatever plus a clothes rod for jackets etc. 196862202 Dave & Paula's home mods. 1st a strip of board was "Liquid Nailed" to the body, then the shelf was secured with wire looms to it. The shelf ends have been placed into holes in a board & the storage box for the 110 volt cable. 195566507 table it storage purchased butcher block from Camping World - Sooner 188680439 twin bed model showing the plywood without bedding 196862203 table it functional but not as massive - Sooner 188680440 head separation this shows how the walls are separating 190246772 head separation this also shows the separation 190246773 partial fix I used a brace to stop side movement: it also serves as a way to hang cellular blinds. 190246774 cheap basement flooring I got tired of things shifting so I bought anti-fatigue mats from Harbor Freight for less than $8 with coupon. 191086913 Metal basket over air conditioner 193615002 Curtains on the bedroom window With our 14" mattress, our blankets were getting tangled in the blinds. Dowel rod on top and bottom, ties on the sides. 193615003 Hooks and indoor/outdoor thermometer 193615004 Dave & Paula's home mods. Picture of lifting struts on the hinged bed platform.....makes getting at things stored under very easy. Note the very expensive rope handle? 195566704 hooks over the kitchen window From IKEA. When parked, we hang our two pans & lids here. 193615005 Cover for the sofa We loved the cover on the sofa -- but so did our cats! We purchased a $50 sofabed cover from IKEA and adapted it to fit, attaching it to the underside supports of the sofa with safety pins 193615006 Fixing fiberglass I used a little cloth with resin 3 layers then put in 3/4 plywood and through bolted everything . 196938668 Stool The step up to the bed is just too high for me. This works fine also when sitting on the sofa -- my feed do not touch the floor. 193615007 SNOOZY SHOE BOX 194157354 SNOOZY SHOE BOX 194157355 OUCH The trailer Jack fell on to fiberglass deck/shelf cracked about 8 in. 196938669 4 in axle lift 4 in sq steel block, braces to fender .add lift support to outer edge of axle to the fender brace . 194583881 Dave & Paula's home mods. Close-up of 40 lb. rate lifting strut 20" long. 195566705 Fresh water tank gauge You can see the water level through the holes, Charlie Jones 195423177 Nude trailer Trailer without fiberglass decking 196938670 Fresh water tank gauge Under couch, Charlie Jones 195423178 Towel rack Custom towel rack, Charlie Jones 195423277 Fixing it I used 3/4 in. plywood and glued and bolted to under fiberglass deck/shelf 196938671 Dave & Paula's home mods. To make this bed lifting modification work, the original very tight fitting factory mattress had been removed, and our two very comfortable & light self inflating back packers mattresses substituted. We used it this way for two months straight, and never missed the original mattress. 195566706 Fixed for now I used number 10 skrews and liquid nails The fiberglass decking is much stronger it does not flex . 196938672 Dave & Paula's home mods. 110 volt "Smart" battery charger shown here with the Xantrex C12 Charge/Load/Lighting controller for the two 100 watt flexible Renogy solar panels that will be mounted on the curved section over the bed. These will feed the 100 amp hour battery nicely 195566707 Dave & Paula's home mods. Reflectix insulation added to the sleeping area to eliminate the condensation issues around the bedding. 197018505 Dave & Paula's home mods. Installed two 100 watt flexible Renogy solar panels on the front of our Lil Snoozy. 195894259 Dave & Paula's home mods. Reflectix insulation. 197018506 Dave & Paula's home mods. These flexible solar panels are very light, and very thin. They are designed to be able to walk on them. I applied 3M VHB double stick outdoor tape to adhere them to the trailer. 195894260 195151581 Dave & Paula's home mods. Marine Headliner added over the Reflectix insulation in the sleeping area. 197018507 Dave & Paula's home mods. The wires were run inside small plastic corner style wire covers used to clean up the look of many computer wires. I then drilled through the belly band and ran the wires inside plastic conduit normally used to hide wires on large screen HDTV installations, which I then painted to match the Snoozy. 195894261 Dave & Paula's home mods. Close-up shot of the Marine Headliner. 197018508 Dave & Paula's home mods. Cleaning bugs/bird droppings and dew off the panels will easily be within reach here, as apposed to my first thought of mounting them on the roof. P.S. Does anyone know of a mount used for fiberglass propane tanks? 195894262 Dave & Paula's home mods. Finished sleeping area insulation mods. 197018509 Dave & Paula's home mods. Added 12 volt & USB charging center. 197018510 Dave & Paula's home mods. Another 12 volt charging outlet added in front of the couch. 197018511 197018432 197018433 197018434 197018435 197018636 Dave & Paula's Home Mods. Aluminum cabinet floor, covered in cork, and heat shield. Overkill as the furnace box does not even get warm to the touch. 197205780 Dave & Paula's Home Mods. Compact size Propex Heatsource HS2000 ducted furnace nestled in the bottom of the Lil Snoozy floor cabinet, with intake & exhaust ports exiting through the floor, and cold air duct coming from 12 volt refrigerator, and hot air ducted through the kick-plate/base board of the cabinet. 197205914 Dave & Paula's Home Mods. New aluminum cabinet floor covered in cork, overlays the Propex Furnace. 197205915 Dave & Paula's Home Mods. Hot air ducted through the kick-plate/base board of the cabinet. 197205916 Dave & Paula's Home Mods. Metal exhaust, and cold air intake coming through the Lil Snoozy floor. 197205917 Dave & Paula's Home Mods. Metal exhaust tube runs rearward along the frame. 197205918 Dave & Paula's Home Mods. Cold air intake runs along the axle. 197205919 Dave & Paula's Home Mods. Cold air intake runs along the axle, and the metal exhaust runs rearward along the frame in the foreground. 197205920 197205921 Charlie and Sara's Mods Drawer beneath sink cabinet shelf 197515181 Charlie and Sara's Mods Drawer beneath sink cabinet shelf. it will match after I add finish. 197515182 Charlie and Sara's Mods I Pad rack 197564192 Charlie and Sara's mods Phlip-t latches 197564193 JJB's Lift-Up Bed Lift-up bed; Storage tubs supported on rails can slide closer for easy access. This leaves space under tubs for small items. 198251716 JJB's Side Dinette Boat seat swivel (under $10) adapted to seat from dinette set. 198328123 JJB's Side Dinette Added 2x3 along wall to support back edge of new construction. Screwed center of 2x3 to existing plywood strip on wall that provided a ledge for the luan at rear of original sofa. 198328137 JJB's Side Dinette Added support for seat. Made first cut in plywood to remove center segment for table. 198328157 JJB's Side Dinette Replaced 35 gallon freshwater tank with 10 gallon tank. We seldom camp where there is no water hookup. Extended fill hose, vent line, and drain line. Rotated check valve to be along wall and reconnected to pump using flexible hoses from Shurflo Pump Silencing Kit. 198328159 JJB's Side Dinette Shows laminate floor, table base, and support for new seats. 198328281 JJB's Side Dinette 1 x 6 (painted black) in front of tank, hoses, and other plumbing for protection from feet. Recessed 1 x 6 about four inches from edge of opening so feet can be placed partially under new seat. 198328340 JJB's Side Dinette Covered plumbing behind 1 x 6 with piece of laminate floor ripped to proper width. Supported laminate along wall with wooden strip attached to wall with 'Shoe Goo' (rubbery adhesive). Top surface (3/4 inch MDF) ready for swivel seats. 198328438 JJB's Side Dinette Finished view. Seats can swivel 90 degrees from facing table to facing TV. 198328440 JJB's Side Dinette Finished view. Swivel seats make it easier to see out of windows on both sides of Snoozy. 198328356 JJB's Side Dinette Finished view. 120-volt outlet added under seat (not visible in photo) to power computer or other devices at table. 198328357 JJB's Shower Mods 1 of 3 Shoe Goo holds closet rod wall brackets to support extendable closet rod (Lowes) on side wall for towels, and PVC pipe on back wall for hangers. 198555963 JJB's Shower Mods 2 of 3 Added Command hook above inside of shower door to hold to hold shower sprayer thingey. 198555991 JJB's Shower Mods 3 of 3 Shower now sprays where you can stand, and you don't have to hold it. 198556211 JJB's Paper Towel Holder 1 of 2 Window curtain rod and bracket on spacer holds paper towel roll in cabinet above sink. 198556236 JJB's Paper Towel Holder 2 of 2 With cabinet door closed, paper towels can be pulled through existing space between cabinet and door. 198556237 Beadroom headliner Here is the bedroom after gluing in the Reflectrix. I was going to leave the window in and cut around it as shown. I decided that it would be much better to remove the windows. I am glad I did. It looks much better 199403332 Bedroom Headliner I used 8 cans of the DAP high temp spray contact cement. One roll of 24" Reflectrix and One roll of 16" 5 yards of the Marine headliner or rat fur. I accidently sprayed the wrong side of the side paned, that is why it is white. I used it anyway and it did fine. 199403333 Bedroom Headliner This is not a mod for the faint at heart. Have a helper and plenty of ventilation. I used a laminate roller that I already head to smooth the liner. It is fairly easy to work with 199403334 Bedroom Headliner The windows came our easy. They were a little harder to get back in. The thicker wall makes the screws harder to start. Be careful and don't over tighten the screws. I broke one. 199403335 2 rear jack stands welded to rear frame 199434383 spare tire holder 199434384 front storage I had the welding fabricator make ametal box to fit between frame and cut hole in fiberglass and put in marine lid 199434385 storage between the twin beds 199434386 close rack This can be taken down easy if new owner does not want it . 199434387 storage metal box 199434388 accumulator This help regulate the water no more LED light shows 199434389 rear bumper and step 199434390 Trust Hull decal, left side in front of axle 199526356 Reflectix and ratfur Finishing touches 199526357 Decals Left rear. Took LiL off right side 199546928 BAL Stabilizer Mount at an angle to clear body bolt 200126972 BAL Stabilizer Took less than an hour to mount. Stays close to the frame 200126973 BAL Stabilizer 200126974 Bal Stabilizer Crank end. I thought the stickers are kind of cool. 200126975 BAL Stabilizer BAL number. Amazon number is 23026. 200126976 Stabilizer Jacks Just Copied Charlie's Example Photos here in MODS. Model 23026 from Amazon 200186910 Stabilizer Jacks Landing Pads are optional but should aid on soft ground. 200186911 Stabilizer Jacks The Crank is fairly small but works well. Approximately 10 turns to put down. 200186912 Cellular Shades Light-filtering for privacy but allows some light to penetrate. 200320121 Cellular Shades Top Down, easy to move. 200320122 Cellular Shades Top Down Feature is great for just taking a quick look out side without lifting from bottom all the way up. 200320123 Cellular Shade Comes standard with 3 year warranty. 5 year available. 200320124 Cellular Shades Honey Comb Tube will hopefully help insulate from the single pane windows. 200320125 Cellular shade mount over sink Mount to window frame 200329646 Cellular shade mount 200329647 Cellular shade mount did not move light 200329648 change over to a Queen bed 200343991 storage in front of pillow rt side 200343992 storage in front lf side 200343993 S Delaney Under bed storage 201077668 Basement drawer Case finished 200977443 S Delaney Wider shower door. This a product from Stoette Industries. The product is a 66 x 36 newline shower screen. 201077669 S Delaney shower mount 201077670 S Delaney Spare tire mount. 201077671 S Delaney 201077672 S Delaney Queen bed turned 90 degrees. Extra storage areas both sides and underneath the bed. 201077673 S Delaney Larger dinette table 201077674 S Delaney New counter top and larger sink. 201077675 S Delaney Under bed storage. Full extension drawer and open cabinet next to it. 201077565 201077566 201077567 201077568 201077569 201077570 201077571 201077572 Under bed drawer Built a large drawer to store our clothes under the bed. 201149717 Under bed drawer Made a case to fit the drawer in to keep out dust 201149718 Under bed drawer Installed 201149719 Under bed drawer 201149720 Under bed drawer I used the doors for drawer fronts. 201149721 Marinco Park Power Changed power cord to detachable sealed connection 201224382 Marinco Park Power sealed connection 201224383 Marinco Park Power Twist lock 201224384 Marinco Park Power No more leaks or insects. 201224385 JJB's Plumbing Mod Replaced fresh water drain elbow through floor (white arrow) with 'T', then connected 'T' through valve to fresh water intake from hose connection. Allows filling tank directly from hose connection. New valve can also be used in conjunction with exterior drain valve to drain low point in the fresh water line in addition to draining the tank. 201251848 JJB's Plumbing Mod Added valve on cold water input to water heater. If tank is drained, it won't automatically fill when water hose is connected. Be sure to unplug water heater from electrical outlet so it does not come on if circuit breaker is accidentally turned on. If there is ever a leak in the hot water lines, this also allows use of the cold water if the valve is turned off. 201251866 Solar Panel Installation 100 watt Solar Panel installed on the roof of my Highlander 201620395 Solar Panel Installation Picture of solar panel from side 201620396 Solar Panel Installation Solar panel connectors 201620397 Solar Panel Installation 90 degree stainless steel angles, foam padding, stainless steel radiator clamp covered in clear plastic tubing 201620398 Solar Panel Installation Routing of the solar panel cables to the Highlander hatchback door. 201620399 Solar Panel Installation Routing of the solar cables to the inside vehicle panel. 201620400 Solar Panel Installation Solar Cables coming through the wire boot to the underside of the vehicle. 201620401 Solar Panel Installation Solar Cables routed to the rear of the vehicle. 201620402 Solar Panel Installation Solar cables at the vehicles 7 way connector. 201620403 Solar Panel Installation Battery box on the tongue of the Snoozy. 201620404 Solar Panel Installation Charge Controller and Battery inside of battery box 201620405 Solar Panel Installation The Charge Controller Wired coming from Solar Panel going to The Battery. 201620406 Custom Tongue box Custom tongue box for chocks ,hoses, cords, batteries in the future 201899935 Custom Tongue Box Side door with lock 201900336 Ctek charger Replacing the cheap 6 amp factory charger with this 25 amp smart charger and moving battery to the tongue. 202204160 Adding A Second Battery This is what my battery box looks like now that I've installed the two Group 24 12V AGM batteries coming from one standard Group 24 Lead Acid 12V battery. To include a Morning SunSaver SS-10-12v Solar Charge Controller 10A 12V 202211289 Buss bar I am in the process of moving my battery to my new box on the tongue. I could have just extended all the wires but I found these elegant little buss bars on Amazon. One for negative and one for positive. One end will take the number 4 wire that I ran from the tongue. The other end takes uo to four number 8 wires. They fasten with set screws. No ring terminals to mess with. 202246183 Charger Installed the Ctek 25000 in the same location as the factory charger. 202284154 Battery move Moved the original battery to the custom box on the tongue. 202284155 Battery move I was able to run the 4 gauge positive and negative cables and the sensor wire through the hole in the floor that was there for the battery vent. I sealed it with Lexel. The cables run to the front of the fiberglass cover, then up to the battery. 202284156 JJB's Door Stop To keep door from hitting fan housing, installed shelf bracket (Lowes Item #48988). Drilled holes in bracket to match screws in fan mounting flange. Changed screws to half-inch longer than original stainless steel screws. Borrowed tennis ball from dog, bolted to bracket using washer, and self-locking nut on inside. Cut slot in bottom of tennis ball to reach nut. Dog not happy. 202428080 JJB's Cabinet Mod Enlarged cabinet above sink to increase storage. 203616872 JJB's Cabinet Mod Extended over-sink cabinet to be flush with vertical center cabinet. 203616873 JJB's Cabinet Mod Extended over-sink cabinet to be flush with vertical center cabinet. 203616874 Overhead shelves Added shelves with lights over dinette and counter 203639018 Floor Installed vinyl plank floor 203639065 Tires This is the Maxxis tire I have replaced my worn out one with. They are 205R14. A commercial light truck tire rated load rang D, speed rated to 99 mph. They are one inch taller than the 205/75R14's that came on the Snoozy 203697016 Tires Rated Light Truck 203697028 JJB's E-Z UP Canopy Occasionally appears in K-Mart ads for $99. 203740723 JJB's E-Z UP Canopy Gable end is high enough to fit over Snoozy door. 203740724 JJB's E-Z UP Canopy E-Z UP 12' x 14' Escort Canopy 203740725 fresh paint 203956264 fresh paint 2 203956265 204475236 204477607 204477609