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Lil Snoozy Owners Club

Photo Gallery

SNOOZY TOWN FACTORY SNOOZY TOWN FACTORY Highway Signs First sign on the Highway. 175045283 SNOOZY FACTORY 169306509 Road Sign Now you are really close. 175046755 SNOOZY FACTORY 169306508 View of Display Model Looking through back door. 175046756 SNOOZY FACTORY 169306510 This is Old Yellow The first completed LIL SNOOZY 169305469 Couch folded out. Here's a shot of what couch looks like as a bed. 175046757 SNOOZY FACTORY 169306511 Testing Couch/Bed Our daughter, Trisha, checks out her space. 175046758 SNOOZY FACTORY 169306512 Old Yellow The first LIL SNOOZY 169305470 Water Heater and Battery Water Heater and Battery position under bed. 175047742 SNOOZY FACTORY 169306513 Battery Charger and Access Hatch Battery charger is next to cabinet and just inside access hatch. 175047743 Old Yellow The first LIL SNOOZY 169305471 Wiring Harness Wiring Harness between hot water heater, battery, and battery charger under bed. 175047744 Bed Frame Strong enough for anyone. 175047745 Old Yellow The first LIL SNOOZY 169305473 Fresh Water Tank Fresh Water Tank underneath couch. Tank is 35 gallon. 175047746 Water Pump and Storage Underneath the couch is the 35 gallon fresh water tank and water pump. Ample storage under couch. 175047747 Old Yellow The first LIL SNOOZY 169852704 Top and Bottom Halves Joined The top and bottom halves are fiberglassed together and pulled down by stainless steel screws. This basically makes the structure one piece, like the egg that it is. 175079775 HATCHERY PHOTOS under construction 169852705 Twin Bed Version in progress. I stuck my head in the bedroom window cutout and snapped the workers busy at work. This is the twin bed version. 175079776 HATCHERY PHOTOS showroom 169852706 Twin Bed Battery Location Wiring and Battery in the Twin Bed area. 175079777 HATCHERY PHOTOS all lined up and looking pretty 169852707 Twin Bed Nightstand. Here's the nightstand between the twin beds. 175079778 Shell and Core Composition. This is one of the bedroom window cutouts. There is metal strips in the core for added strength. 175079779 Rear Trailer Light. Light being installed before the chrome shell is added. 175079780 Long Bolt Support A long stainless steel bolt securing the furniture inside. 175081144 Vertical Kitchen Cabinet Support A long stainless steel bolt securing the vertical kitchen cabinet. It's not going anywhere. 175081145 Brass Fresh Water Tank Drain Fresh water tank is easy to drain with this brass valve. 175081146 The Southern Belle First reaction by staff at our new creation to their excellent idea of the Lil Snoozy 187781750 Love it! (they all say) 187781751 Alan admiring the eagle's eye that reflects the American Flag. 187781752 NIck, Alan's son, also admiring paint and flag 187781753 Everyone talking about the transformation of their Lil Snoozy. 187781754 Ready to set forth on our journey 187781755 187781756 Lil' Snoozy factory and The Southern Belle 187781757 Lil' Snoozy factory 187781758 The Miller Lil'Snoozy name is The Southern Belle 187781759 Moment of Flag across each window 187781760 Robert, Three time combat veteran, arrives back home to S. C. while Nick is correcting our plumbing that Robert accidentally caused to leak. 187781761 Side view of The Southern Belle 187781762 Another view 187781763 Alan and owner, Robert (just arrived back to the state after a year deployment) 187781764 Alan and LeaAnn (Robert's Bride) 187781765 White Lil Snoozy 196234509 White Lil Snoozy 196234510 White Lil Snoozy 196234511 White Lil Snoozy 196234512 White Lil Snoozy 196234513 White Lil Snoozy 196234514 White Lil Snoozy 196234515 White Lil Snoozy 196234516 White Lil Snoozy 196234517 White Lil Snoozy 196234518 White Lil Snoozy 196234519 White Lil Snoozy 196234520 White Lil Snoozy 196234521 White Lil Snoozy 196234522